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Business Consulting Services Offered

Are you an entrepreneur, solo practitioner, organization, or company in the business of selling a tool, service, program, or product that facilitates another’s personal growth or well-being?

I am a wellness and personal growth champion, consultant, and promoter helping champion, match, and connect entrepreneurs, organizations, and companies who provide services and tools for personal growth and wellness with those who need them.

I leverage my life-long experience in marketing, promotional writing, outreach, event production, fundraising, and business and network development to help you expand your business, enhance awareness, build your brand, and connect you to more clients. My expertise involves driving revenue growth, enhancing public profiles, and cultivating key partnerships, as well as developing innovative, promotional strategies to expand client and sponsor bases in excess of goals.

My experience includes working with non-profits, membership associations, corporations, and international organizations, as well as with various creative, artistic, spiritual, and wellness organizations and practitioners providing support with thought leadership, lead generation, PR and marketing, identifying speaking opportunities, and designing custom events.

My extensive and diverse experience working with those in personal growth and wellness areas, coupled with my own integration and trainings on a personal level, as well as my corporate and non-profit background, make me uniquely positioned to help you champion you and your services. I’ve been the employee and the consultant. I am also the solo practitioner and entrepreneur, and the client, too. I “get” all sides of it, and understand the goals and needs from every lens.

Connecting You to Your Market, Positioning You for Success


Writing Services

Engage readers with the clear voice of a writer with a lifelong passion for effective communication in everything from business copywriting, training manuals, articles, e-zines, and blog posts to creative and motivational writing.

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