Below are some of my favorite visualizations to help when I’m needing that extra boost of energy, to clear my mind of clutter, release emotions, negative situations or connections, promote healing, and/or to aid in meditation & relaxation.  I hope you find some of these helpful, too.


The Light Switch:

Use this one when you’re running low on energy.  Say you come home from work, and you  don’t have time for a nap, but you desperately need a quick boost before you run out the door again or can focus on other tasks.  It works wonders!

What to do:  Sit, or preferably, lie down, and close your eyes.  Take a few deep breaths.  Focus your attention on your solar plexus (i.e., the area just above your belly button).  Imagine you have a light switch there.  Now, in your mind’s eye, flick that light switch up as if you were turning on the light in your room.  Now, picture radiant rays of light spreading out in all directions, flowing throughout your body and filling it with energy.  Once you have the mental image of this glowing light infusing your entire being, sit with it for a minute or two.  Focus on circulating and expanding the light, filling every crevice and every cell with this rejuvenating, life-force energy.  Allow yourself to feel it.  This is your reservoir, which you’ve just re-filled with a divine, energetic spark.  You should feel re-invigorated and refreshed as if you had just sat in meditation or taken a quick cat nap.

Relaxing the Mind During Meditation/ Before Sleep/ At Work, etc.

Use these when your mind is so full of thoughts that the chatter is just deafening, or when you’re trying to relax, but thoughts keep popping in, distracting you and interrupting your focus, your meditation, etc.

The Windshield Wipers:

What to do: If you like music, put on some soothing, word-less music in the background.  Sit with your feet firmly on the ground.  Place your hands in an open position (palms up) on your thighs, or by your sides.  You may also sit in a yogic position if you prefer.  Close your eyes.  Take a few deep breaths.  Tense and release the muscles of your body, one by one.  Try to relax the mind.  As thoughts start to make their way in, imagine you have a set of windshield wipers behind your eyes (in your mind’s eye), and, like a car, imagine these wipers just gently washing away the thoughts as they do the rain.  Swish, swish.  Off they go!  It’s like clearing the window in your mind’s eye.

The Breeze in the Window:

What to do: Imagine an open window in your third eye.  Picture a light breeze is blowing in and out.  Refreshing air is coming in, clearing your mind and nurturing your being.  As the breeze blows out, it takes away the chatter, thoughts, and any pent up tension, and pent-up emotions.  Air in, air out.  (NOTE: this one may also be used for health: same concept, but imagine the pure, fresh breeze that comes in as cleansing and purifying your body, removing any unhealthy cells or disease as it blows out).


What to do: Imagine yourself at sea.  Perhaps you’re lying in the sand.  You’re watching the water come up to the edge and slowly trail back to its source, taking with it all the random remnants left beside the shoreline.  Your thoughts are like the small sea shells and rocks: picture the ocean water coming up to the edge and washing away all unnecessary clutter, taking it back to the grand, wide open water where it is released.  Gently moving in, gently washing out – leaving a transparent, shimmering, liquid trail in its wake on the wet sand beneath your feet.  Your mind, like the sand, is now free – cleansed.


These can be used either for visualizing healing that gets rid of unhealthy cells, or to fill your body with new, healthy ones.


What to do: You know how you always randomly find coins behind your couch, in an old jean pocket, in your laundry machine or car?  They seem to pop up everywhere, in unexpected places, at the most random times.

To find healthy cells/regenerate healthy cells: Imagine you are inside your body.  You are searching around for healthy  cells.  The cells are like the coins.  Picture yourself finding a coin here, another there, and so on, and so forth.  They start to multiply.  You are finding coins everywhere.  Each coin is a healthy cell.  This is a great visualization for those trying to get their cell counts up for lab tests (i.e., cancer, hiv, etc. or heart related tests – boosting “good” cholesterol).

To dissolve unhealthy cells: Inhale, and imagine a pure, green light infusing your being, traveling every corner of your being.  As you exhale, picture it carrying away any unhealthy cells, moving them outside your body, or dissolving them.  Remember those cartoons where a character would sometimes disappear in a ball of smoke: “Poof!”  Something dense would just dissolve into nothingness.  Similarly, imagine going within your body and searching for those unhealthy cells.  Use a flashlight if you’d like.  There’s one!  Now, zap it like a genie snapping their fingers, or like that cartoon figure going up in a ball of smoke, imagine the cell dissolving into nothingness:  “Poof!”  You can also use your fingers (in your mind) to grab the cell (or plaque) and squeeze it: “Poof!”  It’s gone!  Finally, you may also infuse it with a cleansing and healing green or white light.

Removing Ties to Negative Energy, Situations, or People

This visualization is helpful for those who have a challenging time letting go of a toxic relationship to another individual, a situation, or a pattern/behavior within one’s self.   The situation, person, or one’s ego may be holding some negative energy or power over you, which generally presents itself in the form of an energy drain, blocks, power struggles, self-doubt, fear, etc.

Cutting the Cord:

What to do: First, try and think about where you feel this negative energy affecting you most.  Is it your heart, your solar plexus, your creativity or emotional center, your root chakra (i.e., sense of security, foundation, grounding), your throat chakra (i.e., your ability to express and communicate openly), or your spiritual self, etc.?

For example, if it’s an old, toxic relationship that you cannot seem to escape from (i.e., either the person has a continued “hold” over you, like an abusive or contentious ex, or you are merely still bombarded with thoughts about this person, and/or there’s a continued, one-sided emotional attachment in either direction), then you might focus on any of the following: heart center, solar plexus, sacral chakra, or throat chakra.  Think about which energy center is most affected in YOUR system.  Now, think about the root of the negative bond and energy coming from the OTHER person (i.e., if it’s a emotional/power struggle, their solar plexus energy may be tied to your heart center; or, you may feel incapable of fully communicating your needs, and thus picture their solar plexus and your throat chakra).

Now, visualize a cord linking the two chakras (energy centers).  Picture the person’s face (or situation) clearly in your mind.  Envision the infinity symbol, which has two circular loops.  Place yourself in the right circle/loop, and place the other person (or situation) in the left circle/loop.  See the cord connecting the two of you.  Now, envision a white light all around you for protection and healing, and a blue light around the other person (or situation) to wish them positive healing and energy.  Once the image is vividly set in your mind’s eye, picture a set of scissors.   Now, cut the cord linking the two of you.  As you do this, affirm to yourself that you are releasing and detaching yourself from this person (or situation).  Send them off with blue light.  Finally, visualize yourself now standing in your circle alone, surrounded by a luminous white light, and picture your chosen chakra expanding and glowing brightly.  You are free!  Hold on to the feelings of levity and blissfulness from cutting away the cord.

(NOTE: This can be used for self-created situations, such as self-sabotaging behaviors in one’s professional path, or addictive behaviors like drinking, smoking, etc.)

Repeat as often as needed if you feel yourself being pulled back in, but remember, while doing this, try to genuinely affirm and have faith in your definitive choice and action to break free from this toxic person or situation.  Trust that it will dissolve itself, and you are now paving the way to open new doorways for healthier, more nurturing, and supportive relationships and situations.