Here are some fun rituals to teach and learn about love and to remind your children that they are loved unconditionally:)

Love Collage:

Grab a bunch of magazines, some scissors, tape, and construction paper or poster board. Sit down with your child and go through the magazines asking them to pick out images of what love looks like to them (you could prompt them with question like “how do you know when mommy/daddy love you?”)  See what sorts of pictures or words they pick out.  Cut and paste the images and words into a love collage.  See what their primary love language looks like.

Love Badge:

Make a Love Badge with them that says “I am Loved!” Color it in, add some glitter, laminate, punch a hole and put some string through it. Whenever they need a little love boost, take it out and put it on them as a reminder and affirmation that they are loved.  Make it BIG!

Random Acts of Love:

Teach your children to be loving and compassionate towards others. Through Law of Attraction, what they send out comes back to them tenfold:)  Bring out the construction paper, glue, glitter, pens, and crayons and make some Valentine cards with love affirmations like “You are a radiant being of love!” or “Somebody loves you!” Pack them up and deliver them to a local hospice, grief group, community shelter or old folks home.