Shantal is a wellness and
personal growth champion…

Shantal is a wellness and personal growth champion who provides mindfulness education and transformational life coaching to empower others with the tools to thrive in their personal, academic, and professional lives. Shantal is also a Reiki Master, writer, event producer, and marketing and business development consultant for individual practitioners, companies, and organizations in the personal growth and wellness industries. A native Spanish speaker, she also holds a B.S. from Georgetown University and a J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School.

Shantal’s greatest passions include serving as a catalyst and positive change agent re-connecting others to their true selves and contributing to their personal growth and healing, as well as using mindful and creative tools and practices to teach youth self-awareness, self-expression, and self-regulation in order to strengthen their well-being, awaken their inner resilience, and help them cultivate a higher level of compassion, connection, and communication with the world around them.

Through her comprehensive services, Shantal empowers others and sets the stage for their ultimate success, personal growth, and healing in all areas of their lives. These areas can include overall stress reduction, navigating difficult transitions in work or in life, discovering one’s inner purpose, overcoming creative blocks, improving communication, or simply mastering more clarity and happiness in life.

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Personal Time

In Shantal’s spare time, she posts inspirational content providing insights and support in the areas of creativity, personal growth, self-healing, mindfulness, and parenting on her blog, Creative Muse. She also enjoys dancing and spending time exploring the city and having adventures in nature with her husband, Gary, and her two beautiful children, Maya and Eli.